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Sam Howell Ltd Business Consultancy is a Dorset-based Business Strategy Consultancy that supports companies with their growth, planning and development. We challenge business leaders that want to change and improve their company, develop new ideas and find a fresh approach. If you feel a bit lost, are not getting the true potential out of yourself and your company, or have reached a ceiling, it may be time for some outside help.

Below you can learn about some of our specialities, remember, every leader and business requires their own unique mix of services.

Why We’re Consultants

'After years of consulting for dozens of companies and hundreds of inspirational people, creating innovative strategies and unearthing talent, I can't wait to find out what tomorrow brings.' - Samuel Howell

That just about sums it up! Every day is different, every project is a new challenge, and every client is a new friend!

  • Mike Hawkyard, Amuzo

    “Sam draws attention to items that require focus within your sales team – challenges that are difficult to identify or put in perspective when you are standing at the coal face with a spade in your hand.”

  • Torie Freestone, Freestone PA

    “I would highly recommend Sam to anyone who is having problems or difficulties because he has the knowledge and understanding of how to get the best from your business.”

  • Steve Nicoll, Senical

    “There is no comparison for Sam when it comes to drive and enthusiasm for helping your business achieve its goals.”

  • Peter Ramsey, Move'm

    “Sam stripped back the business and reformed it to create a sustainable business model and did so with an attitude so welcoming that I asked him to join my company as a Director.”

  • Garry Junkuhn, Revostrat

    “Sam’s skills and abilities will be an absolute asset to every company he works with – speak to Sam if you’re looking for a business strategist and mentor that will be able to assess and provide direct no BS feedback and advice on your company.”

  • Sam Dawson, Kube Productions

    “Sam’s a very important piece of the puzzle at Kube, and one that we value highly for our sales efforts and business development.”

  • Phil Carr, My PT Hub

    “I really admire Sam’s ability to cut through all the noise and get straight to the point. His no nonsense, direct approach is exactly what you need from a business coach / mentor. “

  • Rob Humphreyies, Square Flame

    “He will motivate you, help you to understand your weaknesses, and will inject some fresh ideas into your business; but above all else, Sam will help you get results and grow. If you’re looking for someone who is down to earth, inspiring, and who will tell you what you need to hear – not just what you want to hear, then you’ve found the right man in Sam.”


We like to keep the clients, products and services diverse, take a look.

“Time is a wonderful currency, I never tire of spending it”

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