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Who are we?

Sam Howell Ltd Business Consultancy is a Dorset-based Strategy Firm that support companies from sole-traders to fully fledged SMEs.

We offer much more than ‘business advice’, for some companies we are an outsourced part of their team and have been for a over 6 years!

To sum it up though, we’re a small team who assist with growth, planning and development through a professional, relaxed and friendly approach.


What do we do?

Every business owner, sole trader and company is different and they come to us for a number of reasons…

boosting sales, number crunching and idea generation are just some of the areas we work on, but the common theme is they all want to be better!

We’re quite different from the traditional consultancy practices, you’ll find no boring briefcases here… oh, and we support our clients 24/7!


Here are some of our reviews.

  • review rating 5  When it comes to your business, adding Sam into the equation is like flicking on a light in a dark room. The experience they bring to the table is only one part of the value they add as consultants. The energy, thoughtfulness, direction and vision they can instil has already paid dividends. Sam and his team are a delight to work with, and the level at which they engage with their clients makes the partnership a true success. Whether you're looking for someone to help you up gears, be a pillar of support or provide direction - reaching out to Sam and his team should be at the top of your action plan. I'm thoroughly excited to continue working with Sam Howell Ltd. and could not recommend them enough.

    thumb Josh Horne

    review rating 5  These are the guys to go to for all things strategy. Investing in a day with Sam was one of the best decisions this year as he's opened our minds to new avenues and has really helped us with a new project we're working on. To top it off, much of the day was spent laughing and enjoying our meeting with lots accomplished.

    thumb Ryan Lisk

    review rating 5  In the short time I’ve worked with Sam Howell, I’ve completely 180’d on how I feel about my business. Sam takes extra time to ensure I’m constantly thinking about my main focus’ and keeps the ball rolling on all the areas I need to improve on. Thank you Sam. Would highly recommend to anyone with their own business or department who needs a bit of mental re-wiring to help them move forward.

    thumb Lou Simmons

    review rating 5  I've known Sam and his team for the last twelve months and their a wonderful bunch! Real advocates of the local business community. Sam's refereed me some sizable clients and projects from his network and is always happy to sit down for a coffee when I need that external perspective on my business. He is never afraid to tell you the hard truths and help you navigate solutions. 👊

    thumb Crispin Hutton
  • review rating 5  It's been an absolute pleasure working with Sam and his team over the last 18 months. When I first started working with Sam I wasn't looking for a business consultant I was looking for someone to come on a business journey with me and my team. I needed someone to learn and understand the ins and outs of our business, someone to share the highs and lows and Sam did exactly that. 3 years into the Cold Banana journey and we have grown almost 500% since our first year. Sam has been a major influence in this, helping guide and advise us strategically. I would highly recommend any startup business or any business looking to grow to the next level to sit down and have a chat with Sam to see what he can do for you. Business owners are so ingrained with doing the work that to have another pair of eyes looking at it a fresh is invaluable, and Sam gives that impartial professional view to help you succeed even further.

    thumb Luke Fribbens

    review rating 5  Sam and his team helped me so much when it came to setting up my own business. With the team's knowledge of the industry, they helped define and focus on what I needed to achieve for my business. The team is organised and efficient, delivering creative and resourceful information to their clients so they achieve the best when it comes to starting up a successful business. Would highly recommend Sam Howell LTD.

    thumb Beth Harkess

    review rating 5  Absolutely incredible guys to work with. Help focus and direct everything onto the right things and energising to do so.

    thumb Mitchell Reeves

    review rating 5  I have been working with ‘The Sams’ as they have become known in my world for a couple of months now and my business has made more positive progression than it had in the previous two years. Working with these guys is like having your very own business counsellor on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At no point have I felt pushed into making any decisions, but every decision that I make is now well thought out, efficient and effective. They don’t pretend to know all the answers, however they seem to know most of them, but if a specialist is required they are confident they know a man/woman that can be pulled in. Perfect for those deep breath moments, where that extra bit of confidence is needed and for celebrating the wins with. My meetings allow me to stop, focus, be challenged and really pay thought to the decisions that make a difference. Without these guys and girls I am not sure where the business would be right now, but I know it wouldn’t have come this far, this quickly. If you think you don’t need ‘The Sams’ in your life, you are obviously happy to stay where you are. If you want to move forward with your journey, call them, NOW!

    thumb Immerse Medical

Some of our pictures from along the way.

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