You’re doing so well! You’re employing new staff, you’re improving turnover and you’re boosting your growth! You’re on fire! But are you going to burn yourself? When your business is on the way up, make sure you don’t lose your head in the excitement!

When things start picking up and the business is going from strength to strength, you’re getting a real boost and you’re moving onto bigger things. But don’t forget the people that helped you along the way and the jobs you still have to do daily. Make sure you thank, reward and stay in touch with all the people that got you to were you are – they will probably be helping you again at some point! Always avoid dropping the ball and remember that whilst new projects can be exciting and mesmerising, you shouldn’t lose sight of all the basic things you still have to do within your company and your team. And definitely don’t stop selling! This always seem to be the first thing to lose attention and effort when new big projects come in.


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