Personal Development

It’s always good to help people, by teaching them to help themselves

Personal Development sessions are geared towards one particular individual.

The individual may for example have a barrier they’d like to overcome or want to achieve a personal goal, it may even be to identify why they are procrastinating. 

Personal development - Leonie and Sam

“Help people by teaching them to help themselves”


Meet Leonie who handles personal development and one-to-one coaching for Sam Howell Ltd. With 11 years under her belt as a Head Mistress and therefore the skills to deal with children, but more importantly adults of all levels and disciplines.

Leonie is a certified (ilm level 5) coach and member of the International Coaching Federation, she has advised many individuals from a plethora of backgrounds and has spent her entire career over-performing.

She is passionate about developing people, by ensuring they have the time to reflect on their skills and potential, to help them gain the confidence to instigate positive change. Most of her clients are busy, forward-thinking people who want the best for their businesses and of course for themselves, they need cost-effective, high impact, solution-focused support that they can trust to help them achieve success.

Leonie is very friendly and constructive. Her experience and skill in managing people of all areas helps others to reflect and improve anyone’s professional approach with obvious benefits to their career. I have progressed professionally in key areas which feed through to the company. I am more organised and can manage and prioritise more effectively, thanks to Leonie.”

Gives us a bell, why don’t you?

Hearing from people puts a smile on our faces even if you’re just curious at what your company could achieve, let’s talk business strategy!



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