Sales Training

There are 5 five things you need to answer to be at your best

Sales is the biggest bugbear of companies, make sure you’re doing it right.

Standing at the coal face is a position that many sales find themselves in. Draw focus and find perspective to make sales easier. 


“If you do it right, it will last forever.”


Sales should be seen as an everyday activity, it’s not a periodic activity to boost the company when the pipeline is empty and things are tough. Sales is very much a long term strategy and it requires the whole business to pull together. Many companies struggle with selling, fortunately SHL have extensive experience in creating and developing sales strategy in a plethora of industries.

Sales training is important, it may be beneficial for your sales and marketing teams to look at our 5 crucial steps to sell a company:

  1. Who are you (as a business/product)?
  2. What do you do (what is your deliverable)?
  3. Why are you better than the competition (USP’s)?
  4. How much do you cost (be honest)?
  5. What is the return/value of your product/service?

That’s it… to start with!

Gives us a bell, why don’t you?

Hearing from people puts a smile on our faces even if you’re just curious at what your company could achieve, let’s talk business strategy!



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