Nigel Brown

Business Turnaround Specialist

Nigel Brown
  • Nigel Brown is the owner and founder of Quay Business Associates.
  • Quay Business Associates works in three distinct areas.

Primarily they work with distressed businesses to support the business owners through a restructuring process. They work with them to develop a “whole business” solution that will produce a stable a viable business. They also undertake interim management projects where they will take an active management role in the business to deliver the transformation. In a more general business environment they can support business owners in developing their company, working with them on business strategy, operational development and business improvement.

Nigel has been working business turnaround and restructuring for the past 15 years. He has been working with distressed companies where there is an urgent need to rapidly improve the performance of the business. He has worked across several different industries including manufacturing, aerospace, and construction. He has also worked internationally on projects in the EU, North America, Russia, and China.

He is quite happy working either in an interim management role as well as on a more traditional business advisory project. Prior to this he has held senior roles, MD & CEO, for a range of manufacturing businesses and earlier in his career worked for several major OEMs including BAe, JCB Excavators and Hughes Aircraft Corporation.


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