Sam Howell

Founder & Consultant

Sam Howell

Areas of Expertise

  • Business transformation
  • Risk estimation & strategies
  • Growth strategy
  • Sustainability in business
  • Dynamic optimization

Sam has had a wide range of roles over the years, but the main ones kept him on the path of engineering, specifically in design and sales. Having spent several years being channeled to develop the logical side of his brain for problem solving, it became a fairly easy transition to move over to consulting!

Engineering has a funny way of teaching you to stand on the outside of problems and be objective about them.

In the last ten years, Sam has established himself as one of the youngest management consultants in Dorset and has worked with dozens of companies of various sizes.

Sam is a keen adviser and mentor, and has always maintained a 24/7 support attitude for his clients. As a result, Sam still regularly takes calls in what the rest of us would regard as personal time. His argument for not turning off is always the same. “My job is to take people on a journey and be the support for them whenever they need it. That doesn’t stop when 5pm rolls around. In fact, when people get home or reach the weekend, that’s quite often when they have time to worry and wind themselves up!”

Whilst Sam has a history of working with companies of all sizes, he has always retained a particular affinity for working with start-ups, young companies and SMEs, helping to push new and exciting ideas off the ground! Sam is known for tailoring his approach and skill-set towards this area of business as this is where he gets the greatest pleasure – making rapid changes – especially with young professionals and entrepreneurs during the earlier stages, when everything is moving very fast!

Contact Info

Phone: 01202 403955

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