Sam Perkins

Operations & junior consultant


Areas of Expertise

  • Identifying and researching your top competitors to help advise on a competitive edge
  • Analysing any new or potentially unexplored business opportunities
  • Suggesting the right consultant for you and your team, via feedback from consultants
  • Assisting in making sure our calendar dates fit your needs
  • Assisting you with ad-hoc work

Sam Perkins is the operations manager at Sam Howell, whose day-to-day duties include the running of the company, and ensuring the consultants do what they do best – the consulting! Sam deals with every aspect of the company and is the first port of call for all of our new and existing clients.

I am always excited by the prospect of meeting new clients and people.

Sam has worked in a number of industries including engineering, IT and creative. He has never been afraid of getting his hands dirty, gaining the majority of his skills through real world experiences. Sam also formalised a business from a university bedroom into a VAT registered company, honing on past experience, as well as advice from our very own Sam Howell!

Having also set up a personal project to fill a gap in innovation, Sam is always looking for any opportunities which may benefit our clients. Although Sam does not get personally involved in formal consulting, he greatly supports the work of our consultants with a range of research and analysis documents. Don’t let his youthful looks fool you, he has an exceptional head for business!

Contact Info

Phone: 01202978975


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