This is a very simple breakdown of how to sell your products or services, and obviously depending on the industry, slight changes may be needed. For instance, many companies can’t just come up with a price as it may be a long process to quote. But for the sake of argument, let’s say you can use these five basic questions as a guide. From the customer’s perspective, they need to know…


Who are you?

Tell me about you and your company. Where have you come from and why has your journey led you to this point?


What do you do?

Remember not to bombard me with technical jargon and acronyms. More often than not, I will not have your level of knowledge on your industry. I’m looking for a nice simple explanation. If I demonstrate an understanding of your offerings, you can increase the conversation to a level I’m comfortable with, without creating confusion. Make sure you show me your passion for the product or service you are selling though!


Why are you better than the competition?

I may be looking at you as a new solution or a replacement to an existing provider. If you are new, make sure you have “What do you do?” nailed down for me. If you are replacing my existing supplier, make sure you know your competition. I don’t want you to try and demonstrate your value without a good understanding of what you are up against. It’s embarrassing if I tell you something you didn’t know about your own market.


How much do you cost?

This may be difficult initially, but try and give me some sort of guideline at least. If I’m not a good match for you, I may just save you the laborious process of a detailed quote for my unsuitable project. No-one wants to do work unnecessarily.


What is the return?

Please tell me why I need what you are selling and what I’ll be getting as a return for my investment. If I am looking to invest into your services, what do I get beyond the obvious and the competition? We are service-loving buyers in this country, so sell me the relationship!


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