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Our approach

Clients work with us in lots of different ways and our roles are varied for each one. From acting as business partners for one-man-bands and start ups, to providing strategic advice for SMEs, or even directly tackling a problem head on. Below are a list of our engagement USPs.

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Month to Month

We only work month by month with our clients. No matter the type of work, implementation is the most important factor and this only works when there is a transparent and trusting relationship in place. The traditional two week interim management session just doesn’t cut it anymore.

No tie-ins

There are no contracts, a shake of a hand is good enough for us. Trust is absolutely paramount in what we do.

For the journey

We help our clients whenever they need us, even during unsociable hours and often with personal as well as business issues. Many of our clients have worked with us for years, we put in the effort, and we’d like to think you’ll be enjoying results for years to come.

Proper Sessions

All of our monthly meetings are face to face. This type of working relationship offers far more engagement, forges better friendships and allows us to produce long lasting results.

To the point

Cutting out the rubbish and getting to the point has been a very long standing USP of ours. We start giving you the information you need from the first meeting.


We are fortunate enough to work across a very broad range of industries, this diversity allows us to build knowledge in multiple disciplines. The know-how is adapted and transferred to our clients, who gain more value from our eclectic experience.

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