Everyone has been saying how good 2017 is going to be, let’s try making it amazing! Yes it’s that time of year again, everyone is gearing up for some well deserved rest. Family, food and fun, can’t wait! If you’re lucky enough to work in an industry that slows over the holidays, this year, just set aside a tiny amount of the free time you have, to really sit and think about what you want to achieve next year. Computer off, phone on silent, door shut, take some real quiet time.

We all get so involved with the day to day running of our companies, we struggle to get time undisturbed to really make decisions on key goals. This Christmas (but obviously not on Christmas day!) put aside a few hours to really think about things you’d like to achieve. Think not only about where the business needs to be, but where you want to be as well.

  • Is this the year you want to start slowing down and taking a bit of time out?
  • Is there a particular client you’ve wanted, but haven’t been able to land?
  • Is there a new area you want to expand into?

Whatever it is, take the time to relax, slow down, have a moment of contemplation and make the effort to think in a whole new way. When you have some objectives, write them up somewhere so they’ll be staring at you everyday and give them some target dates. Make sure this year is going to be different and more successful than ever before. To those of you I won’t see before the holidays, have a great break and I’ll see you in the New Year!

Merry Christmas!

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