There’s a phrase we all know that says, ‘It’s lonely at the top’. When people say this, it often conjures up images of a business man or woman, sat alone in their office, in their suit, head in hands, thinking about who to turn to for an honest conversation about what’s really going on in their head. Well, I do anyway! But in our line of work as a consultant, we often also think about the entrepreneur working to get an idea off the ground, wondering who it is they can speak to – all the while, surrounded by every job in their start-up and with no way of delegating or rationalising what to tackle first.

Starting a business can be incredibly stressful. We all know this! But one of the problems with the steady march of social media is that success stories are perpetuated, adding pressure to make money fast whilst shielding people from the realities of business. Therefore, individuals at the start of the journey who quickly realise the difficulties they face, are asking one question, though it’s sometimes phrased in one of two ways. ‘Why isn’t it working for me?’, or, ‘Why isn’t it building faster?’

The first thing everyone asks themselves following this is, ‘Am I doing this right?’ If you don’t have anyone to turn to -and let’s be honest, when people do turn to someone, it’s normally a friend or family member that isn’t an entrepreneur or doesn’t have their own business – you let it roll round inside your head endlessly.

It is important to have an outsider to call upon, and I am no exception. I need people I can go to with knowledge and experience, but more importantly no emotional or financial attachment to what I am doing, so they can be purely objective. This is exactly what we do for our clients. It’s so much easier to look at a problem when you can stand back a bit for a better view.

No-one should feel alone in business. It’s not a nice feeling, and having someone you can call or visit often makes all the difference. We know, because our clients tell us!

Entrepreneurship is about trying, failing, succeeding, making money, losing money, being happy, being sad, getting stressed, managing stress, pushing forward, looking back, learning, laughing and knowing when to ask for help! Don’t think that just because it looks like others did it all on their own, that they actually did. Help comes in many forms and the key is not to avoid asking for it, as you’ll only make things harder.

If you need a new perspective, need to re-think your plan, or if you just want help… Just ask! We make it easy for people to lean on us, so if you would like to come into our offices and speak to one of our team, or have one of us come to see you, call us on 01202 978975 or send us an email and we’ll be more than happy to help.


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